ENFΔRCE (aka ENFARCE) is a fresh Power Metal band from Finland, formed in 2013 by singer Riku Turunen and guitarist Matias Vilkko. The duo started working on new material and ended up composing and producing the material according to the theme.

The team joined forces soon with drummer Tom Rask and bass player Time Schleifer and so the journey with the 1st album begun.

ENFΔRCE’s debut album Superhero Diaries – Part I came out in April 30th 2014 and it contained eleven true power metal pieces. The album is a concept album about an arrogant unhuman superhero, Mr. Steel Enforcer. The story of the album in a nutshell is that the superhero receives a signal from the Earth that his assistance is needed to remove all the bad influences and misbehavior off our world. But things don’t always go like planned and he has to suffer from human problems like unemployment etc.

ENFΔRCE was joined with extra forces to conclude Superhero Diaries Part I

Mr. Fastfinger, Matias Kupiainen (Stratovarius) sharing the guitar solos on Gift of Prophecy. Francesco Fareri came along with a blistering solo for Unaware, the harmonized theme was delivered by the ”side member” of the team Ade Manninen to conclude the piece. Ade also did the guitar solos for the iconic Holding out for a Hero, 2nd solo on Dawn Damage, Delusions of Reality and Another star lights the Sky.

The second part of the Hero’s diary was out Dec 19th 2015. Album is titled as Superhero Diaries – Part II.

The team of 4 did the initial work as with the previous album. However, more speed was needed, thus Antti Wirman joined for the solo on The Landing. Jeff Ward was asked to deliver punishing vocals for I enforce…which he did! Female lead vocals were delivered by Anna Vihonen for Super heroine, backing vocals teamed by Laura Malmberg and Tuuli Aurora. Anna is also featuring on The Conclusion ends it All, for which the guitar solo was delivered by Isko Isotalo. As with Part I, Ade Manninen delivered guitar solos, at least partly, for Death of a fallen Star, Save us, The String of Pearls and Song of the Stars.

For the live shows the core Enfarce-team four has been joined by guitar-extraordinaire Aleksi Lehto.

ENFΔRCE’s lineup consists members from various known musicians from the metal scene in Finland.