Latest single release from Part II is called “Error X4E88412 Out Of Memory”. In this masterpiece of music we get to know that Mr. Steel Enforcer runs on Windows and is in a need of program update to run properly. Check the cool retro-styled lyric video from YouTube  

Mr. Steel Enforcer is knocking at your backdoor with Superhero Diaries Part II coming out later this year! Sadly no release dates yet but we’ll get to that later. So why should you look forward to the album? It’s got eleven (11!) superpowermetal songs around the epic story that continues where the Part I ended. The new album is longer, faster and all of those superlatives compared to the first

Long time no see! Mr. Steel Enforcer will be back later 2015, but guess what? We shall release first single from “Superhero Diaries – Part II” 1st of march! This new single is titled as “Song of the stars”. Song is ultra melodic, traditional power metal with über cool power chorus. Cover art is also pretty neat, don’t you think 😉