Superhero-Diaries - Part II (cover art)

Mr. Steel Enforcer is knocking at your backdoor with Superhero Diaries Part II coming out later this year!

Sadly no release dates yet but we’ll get to that later. So why should you look forward to the album?
It’s got eleven (11!) superpowermetal songs around the epic story that continues where the Part I ended. The new album is longer, faster and all of those superlatives compared to the first album. Mr. Steel Enforcer has even tricked a few guest musicians to appear on the album as well!
Stay tuned! Hope for the best and get the worst!
– The ENFΔRCE team

Below is album story in a nutshell:

Ch I – The Nebula Overture
An instrumental intro of the continuing saga.

Ch II – Death of a Fallen Star
Steel Enforcer has received a message from Earth that help is still needed as mankind has encountered problems again. The song is about his journey through space and time where a supernova lights his way. He ends up being shipwrecked in space after his spaceship has been hit by asteroids.

Ch III  – The Landing
He’s getting closer. People on the Earth are struggling with evil powers that drains their strength and makes them more stupid than ever. They’re infected by some disease and are caving themselves in deeper and deeper. No light, no hope. Then Mr. Steel Enforcer’s ship appears in the horizon but the landing is a bit messy. Crash boom bang!

Ch IV  – Error X4E88412: Out of Memory
The landing didn’t go too well. Steel Enforcer suffered major damage that affected his software. His internal memory is running low and he does not have a clue what or who he is. By watching the stars at night his memory gets some flashbacks. He has also heard about an engineer who could be able to help. This engineer appears to be a female and that’s how all the troubles started…

Ch V – I Enforce
Steel Enforcer plugged his cable into the engineer’s receiver and came..
Back alive! As always, he didn’t get any reaction from her and that pisses him off. Our intergalactic Chuck Norris multiplied by gazillions is angry. He starts to hunt down evil people to continue his regular work. Unfortunately while in a chase his hands of steel get stuck in a magnetic door and the enemy slips away. Our hero had dropped a chip from his hand and while searching for it, he finds a bottle full of alcohol… Now that’s bad!

Ch VI  – Into the Delirium
Failure leads to fatal addictions. Addictions lead into a delirium.
Delirium leads to even more fatal addictions.

Ch VII  – Super Heroine
Steel Enforcer has sunk low. He keeps on remembering the woman he met and how he could satisfy his addictions. He ends up being a cheap-sold superhero toy-boy. After some fuzzy times he has had enough and finds a way to recover and get the hell out of the Earth.

Ch VIII  – Save Us
Our hero is gone for good. The people of the Earth are really worried about their future. Seems like the world is coming to its end. The sun does not shine the way it used to. Has the Sun come to the end of its life or is it the consequences for the actions of humans?

Ch IX  – The String of Pearls
Some background story about who Steel Enforcer really is. The song is about Orion correlation theory, ancient Egyptians and their gods.
“Before the sun sends lethal rays that sets your world to burn was prophesied that from Orion the salvation would return.”

Ch X  – The Conclusion Ends It All
After the long wait, the end is finally here. The sun has shut down and the darkness is about to prevail. Our hero is near, watching as the world goes down. There’s a slight grin on his monotonic face. But who he really was?

Ch XI  -Song of the Stars
The ending track of the album isn’t related to the story. The lyrics are based on the poem “Song of the stars” by William Cullen Bryant (1794-1878).